Spirituality vs Religion

Many people think that spirituality and religion are describing the same thing. However, these two things are not identical and have distinct differences. As you dig deeper into spirituality and religion you will see that they are unique in numerous ways. Truth is that you can be both spiritual and religious at the same time. You can also be religious but not spiritual and vice versa. This might sound complicated to some, but it’s really not as soon as you learn all their details.

Characteristics and Differences of Spirituality and Religion

            You should know that love and fear are the two main emotions that further branch into sub-emotions. Kindness, caring and compassion are part of the love emotion, while anger, aggression, guilt and abuse are part of fear emotion. Our human personality consists of both and it is important to nurture the love in order to become better persons. The spiritual part of our personality is our love part which is also our higher-self. Intuition is what helps us connect with the spiritual part of our personality. We can conclude that spirituality is closely connected to our spiritual part. When you are trying to be loving, kind, caring and honest then you are acting from the spiritual part inside you.

            The difference between spirituality and religion is in that that spiritual people are not following dogmatic truths like the religion does. Spiritual people believe in Karma, which teaches that whatever you do to other people will be done back in the same way to you. If you are mean and abusive to other people, then you will probably receive the same thing in return. If you are loving and kind then you will experience love and kindness by other people. Basically, spiritual people believe that what you give is what you will get back. On the other hand, religious people are following dogmas and interpret God`s messages. They follow the word of God and religious scriptures for organizing and living their lives. They believe that what is written in the Holy Books must be followed for living fulfilling and happy life.

            These were the general characteristics and differences of spirituality and religion. As you can see they are not the same and follow different ways, but focus on the same thing – to help people live in best possible way without harming and getting in the way of others.

Yoga and Spirituality Festivals

Today you will find dozens of great spirituality festivals around the world where yoga practitioners visit workshops, practice yoga, have fun and enjoy meeting other likeminded people. These spirituality festivals are becoming increasingly popular and attract bigger crowds every year. There is yoga spirituality festival for any taste and pocket, so you can perform a quick online research and find something according your personal preferences. There are spirituality festivals almost every month of the year, so make your plans and experience something really unique.

Types of Spirituality Festivals

            Almost all spirituality festivals across the world have dedicated places where visitors can learn more about yoga, practice yoga, seek advice from experience practitioners or just search for their inner-self. Some of the most popular spirituality festivals that attract huge crowds of people that practice yoga are the Wanderlust Festivals. These are held on several locations in the United States of America and Canada. They are held on some really scenic locations in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont and other places. Usually these festivals last for a few days and the environment in which they are held are ideal for soul-searching, reflecting and taking a back seat in the fast-paced way of life. Besides practicing yoga you can also enjoy numerous music shows, eat healthy food, and there are even yoga classes for children.

            Besides Wanderlust Festivals, Bali Spirit Festival is another huge festival that attracts numerous yoga practitioners from all over the world. This event will definitely light up the spark inside you as it is very energetic and exciting festival. Here you will find everything that is connected to the holistic way of life, such as yoga classes, music concerts, health and well-being workshops, and many other things that can help you become more aware and develop healthy, holistic lifestyle. Picturesque environments and open pavilions are very attractive day and night, so it is definitely one spirituality festival that should not be missed.

            Besides these, there are dozens of other spirituality festivals in all parts of the world. Common for all of them is that they are designed for yoga enthusiasts who look to change their lives for the better. They are great places for practicing yoga, searching for inner peace, connecting with others, and having a good time. Yoga and spirituality festivals are closely connected, so if you are a yoga practitioner then make sure you visit some of the many spirituality festivals.