What are the Best Spiritual Apps Available

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How many hours do you spend with your phones? Well, the answer might be different from person to person. Some would say that they just use it a few hours a day while others use it all the time. While apart from communication purposes, phones are now used to be updated on one’s social media and other purposes. How many of the popular apps do you have on your phone? You may have probably installed several of these apps, but have you ever installed any spiritual app?

Improving Your Spirituality through Different Apps

Have you ever wondered why, including yourself, didn’t installed any spiritual apps? Think about it. Why is it that of all the apps available today, spiritual apps are less likely to be included in the list of apps to be downloaded. It seems that when you installed or have this kind of app in your device, some may view you as too weird. Well, that’s the usual reaction – it is either you are weird or just weird to them. But hey, that is was a century ago because today, becoming more spiritual is no longer weird.  Having a good spiritual life is as important as if you wanted to live a happy life.

While there are spiritual apps that are for a particular religion, the apps below are the ones that will help your spirituality from teaching you to do good meditation practice and journaling to practicing kindness and even to how astrology can help.

What are the best spiritual apps available right now? 

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We have the following:

  • Happy Not Perfect – this spiritual app will change our perspectives or the way we look at our minds. This app has steps to achieve the calmer version of you. This app will encourage you to practice compassion, let go of worries, create mindful distractions, and even making other people feel good.
  • Day One Journal – this is the app for those who feel at peace when they are writing their journal but are too overwhelmed by using the pen-and-paper way. This app will help keep all of your journals at the same time giving you options to add photos and other details. You can even add the date weather or time to that specific journal entry. This is indeed writing journals in a modern time.
  • Spirit Junkie – if you want to receive good vibes right at the start of your day, then this is the feel-good app for you. From the spiritual dame Gabby Bernstein, Spirit Junkie is an app that will fill your day with inspiring affirmations. You can meditate on these affirmations, do it again throughout the day or just get a reminder to bring yourself again inside that spiritual center of meditation.
  • Teen Usernames – this is another app that will inspire your day with its spiritual stories. Another great feature in this app is that it allows you to connect with others via social media like Snapchat. Why do you need that alarm and tone? Well, we advise you to try and set the alarm for yourself, you will be surprised about the relaxing vibe that its ringtone gives.

These are some of the hundreds of apps that you can download for your spiritual journey. There is still another spiritual app out there that may be the perfect match to what you are looking for self-peace and enlightenment.  The next time you get too stressed because of your phone, remember you have an app to help you keep calm and awesome every day.